Back in the days...

Image taken from http://www.nhm.uio.no/pliosaurus/images_highres/45-ton-pliosaur-attacking-a-plesiosaur-AtlanticZoo.jpg

Still enjoying the silence? Here's something for your imagination to digest: a group of paleontologists have unraveled a partial skull of a MONSTROUS (in relation to a human...or an elephant...or an great white shark) marine reptile predating the waters of the Jurassic age (about
147 million years ago!).

The beast is believed to have been something like 50ft long (15-16 meters) and weighed approximately 45 tons (
hello, weight watchers!). When munching on those less fortunate beings in the ocean, it could grab a single piece of 33,000lb (14968 kg!?) per bite. That's quite supersized!

Sleep tight...


Carrot creativity

mating carrots totally looks like chromosome

Not very scientific, but fun!